Area : 2,500 sq ft

Year of Completion : 2013

Taking the standpoint of an artist -a start with a blank/white canvas, the office space has been conceived as a predominantly white…purist space where sharp and defined edges have been eliminated to create a fluid experience. The rounded edge geometry finds its interpretation in partitions to furniture to even suspended light fittings. The central open space is characterized by a low ht. serpentine divide that holds an informal clover shaped meeting table and a blood red high gloss padded sofa in taut composition. The highlight of the office is definitively the main director’s chamber; completely wrapped in silver grey veneer paneling along with an imposing screen dividing the lounge from the working area.The screen has been inspired by the black and white diagonal graphic that one invariably sees on the edge of a ‘studio clapper.

Credits for photography : Sebastian Zachariah